Periodic Trends and Factors Affecting Periodicity

Factors Affecting Periodicity
Periodic Trends:
•Atomic Radius: the distance from the
center of the nucleus to the outermost
electron (how big an atom is)
–Ionic Radius: the size of positive or
negative ions
•Ionization energy: the amount of energy
required to remove an electron from an
atom or ion
•Electronegativity: the attraction an atom
has for electrons
Factors Affecting Periodicity
Factors Affecting Periodicity:
•Effective Nuclear Charge: the total
positive force of the nucleus (the
more protons, the higher the
effective nuclear charge)
•Electron Repulsion: result of likecharged electrons electrostatic
Factors Affecting Periodicity
•Stable electron configuration: atoms
strive to form s2p6 configurations (full
valence*, full octet*…*we’ll get to this)
•Number of Energy Levels
•Electron Shielding Effect: inner
electrons temporarily “blocking” the
nucleus’s electrostatic attraction for
outer electrons
•Proton : electron ratio