The Amendments - Lee County Schools

For the next two minutes you are to be
answering the following question… You will
need to write the entire time…
Why should we study the Constitution? Do
not just tell me “Because it is an important
document.” or “Because we have to.”
Turn to your neighbor and share what you
wrote down.
I will be asking you to tell me what your
partner shared with you.
Write down your homework
Congress shall make no law
restricting an
establishment of religion
 Abridging the freedom of
speech or press
 The right of the people to
 Petition the government
The right of the people to
keep and bear arms shall
not be infringed
Quartering soldiers in any
house without the consent
of the owner
Unreasonable search and
No warrant shall be issued
without probable cause
Must be indicted by a
grand jury
Double jeopardy
Nor be deprived of life,
liberty or property without
due process of law
Right to a speedy and
pubic trial by impartial jury
Right to an attorney
Right to a trial by jury
Excessive bail shall not be
No cruel and unusual
The rights listed in the
Constitution are not all the
rights guaranteed the
Any power not listed in the
Constitution to the Federal
Government are reserved
to the states and the
A person from one state
can sue another in a
different state
The procedure for electing
the President and VicePresident by the electoral
Abolished slavery in the
United states
People have rights on the
federal and state levels
Ensured voting rights
regardless of race
This amendment did not
address gender
The United States
government can collect
income taxes
Senators are chosen by the
people of the state not by
the legislature
Only amendment repealed
Prohibited the sale and
manufacture of alcohol
Gave women the right to
Starts new date for the
start of the Presidential
and Congressional terms
Repealed the 18th
Established the number of
times a President could be
 Two- Four year terms
Gave Washington DC three
electors in Presidential
No tax could be charged to
vote for any federal office
Rules for when the
President becomes unable
to perform his duties
Gave 18 year olds the right
to vote
Any law that increases the
pay of legislators may not
take effect until after an
GO to
ent-resources/play-games/life-without-thebill-of-rights/ and experience what life would
be like with out the Bill of Rights.
Mr. Toth and I will count you off into groups of three.
As a group, you will create your own version of the Bill
of Rights(first 10 amendments). All amendments
must be school appropriate. All members of the group
must agree on all amendments that are written. This
will be collected for a grade.
If you finish, go to to
take a practice test about the Constitution.
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