Section 2

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Topic: Chapter 3: The Constitution; section 2
Questions/Main Ideas:
Formal amendment
Formal Amendment
Formal Amendment Process
First method
Bill of Rights
Second method
Third method
Fourth method
Federalism and Popular Sovereignty
Proposed Amendments
The Enduring Constitution
1] What was the Court’s reason for protecting a protester who
burned an American Flag?
2] Both the Schenck case [1919] and the Tinker case [1969] involved
antiwar protest. How would you explain the difference between the
Court decisions?
Questions/Main Ideas:
The 27 Amendments
The Bill of Rights
The Later Amendments
Letters of Liberty Primary Sources
1] Why did Jefferson want a bill of rights added to the Constitution?
2] According to Madison, from where did the greatest danger to
individual rights come?
3] What did Madison mean when he referred to a bill of rights as a
“parchment barrer”?
4] Why, as Jefferson states, would a bill of rights strengthen the
judicial branch of government?
Summary, Reflection, Analysis