Ratifying the Constitution

Chapter 10 Lesson 3
 When the Constitution was written, some
people were not happy with it.
 The people that liked the stronger national
government were called Federalists.
 The people that did not like the new
government were called Anti-Federalists
 The Constitution would reduce the powers of the
The President may become a King
Laws may be passed that were not good for one part of
the country over another
The Constitution did not truly protect the rights of
Thomas Jefferson said that the Constitution needed a
bill that listed the rights given to men that no
government on earth can take away.
 The first ten amendments, or changes to the
Constitution is called the Bill of Rights
 These are rights all American citizens are
 The rights of an American are not restricted
to only the rights listed in the 1st ten
Americans have the freedom
 choose their own religion
 speak freely
 print opinions that are
different from the
government in the
 meet in groups
 complain about the
Americans have the freedom to:
 own and use guns
Americans have the freedom to:
 keep soldiers out of their house, especially
in peace time.
Americans have the freedom from:
 unfair searches and seizure of property
What is going
on here?!
Americans cannot be:
 deprived of life, liberty or property without
the decision of a court of law
Americans have the right to:
 a trial by a jury and a lawyer in criminal
Americans have the right to:
 a trial by jury in most civil cases
Americans have the freedom from:
 severe punishments and high bail for crimes
Declares the rights of Americans are not
limited to this list.
States that the powers that are not given to
the federal government go to the states or the
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