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Adrienne Williams
English 105
Assignment Name
(TITLE) Example for Work Submitted
I thought it may be helpful to provide an example of what my expectations are for
assignments to be submitted throughout the quarter. These expectations will begin with the first
assignment. Please note that I will not accept assignments which not submitted in this format.
One of the most important requirements is spell check. Please familiarize yourself with
the spell-check feature in Microsoft Word in order to check the spelling for all documents
submitted. A grammar feature is also available that can be helpful as well, but there must be
some basic understanding of grammar for it to work for effectively.
Second, there is the formatting your paper. Please observe how this example includes a
name, the class, and the date, and the assignment name. These pieces of information should not
take up any more space than they do in this example. You’ll notice that there is only one line of
space between the date and the title. Also the text is double-spaced.
Margins are another important element of your submitted work. We will cover some
additional basics in class, but papers will be expected to be formatted so that they have 1”
margins all around, as this example does.
Finally, I want you to proofread your work each time before submitting. I would even
suggest that someone else reads your work. This will help you get better at catching some of the
routine mistakes that writers tend to make and then overlook.
If there are any questions about this example, or any other related questions about
expectations around assignments, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to help anytime.
Remember, all questions are good questions. Now, let’s have a great quarter~