English Extra Credit

English Extra Credit
You may earn up to 20 points of extra credit within each grading period of
approximately six weeks. Most extra credit assignments are worth 10 points, but
some are worth 20. Donations may be turned in for extra credit, but you may only
turn in one donation for extra credit per six week grading period per class.
10 Point Assignments
1. Donate one or more of the following: notebook paper, cleaning wipes, sanitizer,
tissues, a package of pencils or pens, rulers, whiteboard markers, paper towels, a
stapler, post its, paper clips, poster paper, colored paper, five or more school
appropriate used novels of 150 or more pages or any other classroom items.
2. As you are reading, find five words you don't know. Copy the sentences from
which the words appear and then look up and copy the definition.
3. Find an online age appropriate writing contest and copy a submitted entry to
bring to class. Try the link for Ponderlounge.
4. Write a one page letter of appreciation using letter writing standards to a person
or business that has helped you in some way. Express your gratitude to them giving
specific examples of what they did that helped you. Deliver the letter and bring me
a copy.
5. Write a song or poem of 20 or more lines.
6. Read about an author you have enjoyed and list 20 facts about this author.
7. Write 10 questions and interview a parent or another adult about what life was
like for them as a teenager.
8. Go to myspellit.com and click on one of the languages or fields from “Words
From.” Select the tab marked “You Try It.” Attempt and print any 20 questions with
answers that you read and understood.
9. Try some California Star questions from the link on my webpage. Complete 20 or
more and then check at the end of the document to see that your answers were
10. Complete two unassigned grammar exercises from the grammar chapter we are
working on in class. Note: Typically all lettered reviews are assigned and numbered
exercises are not.
20 Point Assignments
Go to a museum, live performance or learning venue. Bring a brochure or ticket
stub and write a one page summary of your experience.
2. Read a fiction book of 100 or more pages. Summarize the story and then write
about how the book's characters, themes or ideas impacted you as a person.