Bell work
 Jamie wanted advice about the best way to make
money on money she received for her birthday.
Her brother told her, “Buy a lottery ticket. It may be
risky but you could become a millionaire”.
Her grandmother said, “Put it under your mattress and
save it for a rainy day.”
Her best friend advised her, “Buy stock in Sunoco, gas
prices are always in the news”.
Her aunt said “Put it in a savings account and you can
earn 1% interest a year for the next 20 years.
 The chance of losing all or part of the value of an
 Risk can be divided into three categories;
 Conservative—fixed income
preferred stocks
 Moderate—include growth stocks—
particularly young companies with great potential.
 Speculative—stocks that are highly unpredictable.
For example, many dot/com stocks are highly speculative,
with incredible highs and devastating lows.
 Each investor must determine his/her risk tolerance—
 a conservative,
 moderate or
 speculative investor?
 A number of factors are important elements in
determining a person’s risk tolerance
 including age
 financial stability.
Beta Number
 A calculation that helps
 if a stock’s beta is 1
measure the level of risk in
 the market goes up 20%,
investing in a stock.
the stock’s price can be
expected to go up 20%.
 greater than 1 is considered
 If the market is down
10%, the stock may be
high risk.
down 10%
 more volatile than the
 if the market goes up 10%,
the stock may increase15%.  the lower the beta the
more stable the stock
 Activity Sheet 2: To Risk or Not to Risk
 Activity Sheet 3: Research Guidelines
 Activity Sheet 4: Understanding the Beta Number
Ticket Out
 Write a paragraph explaining what type of investors
(low, moderate or high risk) they will be and why.
 Activity Sheet 3: Research Guidelines