This Approach ask potensial buyers to do some things (such say they would buy if the product were
actually available, or pick the item off the shelf of make believe store). The action is distinct and
identifiable, and much of the marketing strategy is utilized in the presentation; but the key factors
here is little pain for the buyer no spending , no major risk. It is as the name says a psedo sale. It can
be done early on.
Product inovators use two approaches to get potential users to make some expression or
commitment resembling a sale without actually laying out money. The speculative sale methods aks
them if the would buy it, and the simulated test market methods creates a false buying situation and
observer what they do.
Speculative Sale
This is a technique used primarily by firm in bussines to bussiness markets and consumer durable. It
sounds very similar to the technique use in concept and product use tests , differing as follow ;
1) I n the concept test we give the new item’s positioning claim, and perhaps something about is
form of manufacture. Then we ask “ How likely would you to buy a product like this, if we made it
2) In the product use testing , we give customer some of product , have them use it in some normal
way, and then ask the some question ,” How likely would you to buy a product like this, if we made
it ?
3) In the pseudo sale method called “speculative” we go to the customer, give them the full of pitch
on the product, in a version close to ultimate marketing, answer question , negotiate price, and lead
up to the closing question ,” if we make this product available as I have described it, would you buy
it ?
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