Stock Market Investment Assignment

Stock Market Investment Assignment
That you get the experience of investing and tracking stocks on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ for
future personal financial planning.
You will be given a hypothetical account on with which to invest in any stocks listed on
the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ exchange. Visit the website and create a user account. Then
navigate to the DHSstocks game and login using the password “saints”. The account will start with $100,000
and investing will last through the Friday before the due date.
Your job is to select at least 5 stocks that you think will best achieve your goals as an investor. We are investing
in just individual stocks, not mutual funds or other investments, for this exercise.
You are to check the status of the stock once a week and record it in for graphing later. You will also keep a
written log of what and how many shares you initially purchase, the opening price, and the final closing price.
Final Product:
There are two parts to the final product.
First graph the weekly fluctuations in the stock price for the duration of the investment period. Please place
each stock invested in on a separate graph using dates and price as the two axis’s. Below each graph compute
how much this investment made you or how much you lost. Attach a final sheet to these graphs that says how
much you made or lost over or below the original $100,000.
Also write a summary (1 full page minimum) of your thoughts on being an investor. Address the following
topics, and any others you wish to discuss:
 Did you make or lose money?
 Did the thought of losing money unnerve you?
 Did you enjoy “playing” the market?
 Do you think you will invest in the stock market in your future and why or why not?
 What opportunity costs did you encounter?
Good Luck.
Due Date: _________4-15-14_____