Food would get to a persons stomach, even if they were standing on

The Body Systems
Leslee Waynick
Cardiovascular System
• The Cardiovascular
System distributes
blood throughout your
• The average adult has
5-6 liters of blood!
Digestive System
• The Digestive
System is made
Up of a lot of organs
to break down your
food that can be
•Food would get to a
persons stomach, even
if they were standing
on their head.
Respiratory System
• Your respiratory systems
consists of your lungs,
trachea, diaphragm, mouth
and nose, and its purpose is
to oxygenate your blood.
• Our lungs can hold up to 6
liters of air!
Muscular System
• The muscular system in your
body is composed of skeletal
muscle, and cardiac muscle.
Skeletal muscle attaches
primarily to your skeleton and
moves voluntarily or by reflex.
Cardiac muscle is the muscle
of your heart and contracts
• There are twenty muscles in
each hand.
• 200 muscles are used in each
step you take.
Nervous System
• Your nervous system
communicates with the rest of
your body using electrical
impulses. It receives
information from your skin,
muscles, joints, organs and
glands. It also transmits them
along the spinal cord to the
brain in the central nervous
• Nerves can carry signals at an
amazing speed of 100 meters
a second...and that's not their
Endocrine System
• The endocrine system is
instrumental in
regulating mood,
growth and
development, tissue
function, metabolism,
and sexual function and
reproductive processes.
• The human brain
weighs about 3Ibs.
Integumentary System
• The Integumentary
system is your skin. Its
outer layer, or epidermis,
helps to protect its inner
layers from bacteria and
• Hair and nails are said to
continue growing on
dead bodies for a while!
Urinary System
• The Urinary System is
focused on eliminating
waste products into a
form called Urine.
• Urine is almost
odorless when it leaves
a healthy body.
Immune System
• Your immune system is
made up of many types
of cells that protect you
from disease, bacteria,
viruses, parasites and
• Getting under 5 hours
of sleep a night has
been shown to depress
your immune system!
Reproductive System
• The male and female
reproductive systems,
although different,
serve the same purpose
of reproduction.
– Females are already
born with their eggs!
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