Performing a high number of repetitions (10

Performing a high number of repetitions (10-15) with
appropriate weight will develop muscular endurance and muscle
The seat height on the resistance machines has a great effect on the
angle of your lift and should be adjusted to the proper
number/height when you arrive at that machine.
The treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals (EFX) are considered cardio
machines because using them increases heart rate.
Playing a competitive game of Box Hockey involves both cardio
and resistance.
Using the fitness center equipment improperly could result in
serious injury.
Hypertrophy – Muscles getting bigger and stronger with use.
Atrophy – Muscles getting smaller and weaker (usually from non-use).
Concentric muscle contraction- the shortening phase of contraction.
Eccentric muscle contraction – the lengthening phase of contraction.
Match the muscles with their location on the body.
D Tricep
A. Covers back of neck
__E_ Latissimus Dorsi (lats)
B. Chest
__B_ Pectoralis (pecs)
C. Shoulder
__A_ Trapezius
D. Upper arm (posterior)
__C_ Deltoid
E. Back