File human system test part 2 review

Human System Test Part 2 Review
1. __________ is the first line of defense for the immune system.
2. What is an example of a human response?
3. Using the diagram below, what system controls hormones?
4. What triggers an immune response? (hint: substance)
5. Using the diagram below, what organ is used for absorption of food? It can increase its surface
6. What are the levels of organization? _____________, _______________, _____________,
7. What structure secretes enzymes?
8. Nerve cells and muscle cells interact by the never cell causing the muscle cell to contract. Give
an example of a situation that would cause this type of interaction.
9. What system is directly involved in the homeostasis diagram below.
10. Which 2 body systems interact when food is moving down the esophagus to the stomach?
11. What do enzymes do to a reaction?
12. Heart rate and blood pressure are controlled by which 2 body systems?
13. Lactase is an example of what?
14. Write the function of each body system.
a. Muscular system
b. Endocrine system
c. Respiratory system
d. Integumentary system
e. Digestive system