Histology Practical 1

Histology Tutorial Quiz B
Histology Worksheet B
1. What anatomical structures have elastic cartilage?
2. The small tunnels that connect one bone cell to another
are called?
3. What epithelium is found in the urinary tract?
4. The small cells found around and supporting neurons
are called?
5. Intercalated discs are found in what tissue?
6. Bone and cartilage cells live in small cavities called?
7. Type of blood cell that contains a nucleus?
Identify the connective tissue described.
8. An avascular connective tissue consisting of few
cells, but many highly organized, compact, and
parallel bundles of collagen fibers.
9. An avascular connective tissue, cells occupy a
potential space termed a lacuna, associated with
movable joints, and is the most abundant variety
of its kind.
10. Connective tissue with much internal space with
only a specialized form of collagen in its matrix,
provides the framework for several internal
11. Identify the epithelium.
12. Identify the epithelium found in the trachea?
13. Identify this tissue be specific as
to type.
14. Identify the cartilage associated
with intervertebral discs.
15. What space is indicated by the arrows?
16. The thin dark fibers shown (arrows) are?
17. Identify the pictured CT.
18. Identify the opening by the arrow?
19. What tissue is shown?
20. Identify the indicated circular structure?
21. ID the pinned cell.
22. The arrows indicate
what formed element?
23. The lymph node on the left is stained for
its CT framework, this scaffolding like CT is?
Identify the epithelium.
25. What cellular structures are indicated?
Bonus: What are do these cells secrete?