Introduction, Cells & Tissues

Learning Objectives for Anatomy Lectures
Summer 2011
Introduction, Cells & Tissues Lecture
At the end of this lecture, the student should be able to:
1) Explain the hierarchy of the components of living things
2) Demonstrate the appropriate use of anatomical directions and planes with
regard to relationships among structures of the body
3) Identify the four basic tissue types and describe their characteristics and their
4) Identify the four types of connective tissue and describe their structure
5) Compare and contrast structure and function of the 3 types of cartilage
6) Compare and contrast the structure and function of compact and spongy bone
7) Compare and contrast one type of connective tissue to each of the others
8) Compare and contrast the structure and function of skeletal, cardiac and
smooth muscle
9) Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the characteristics
of each tissue type and how it facilitates the function of that tissue
Provide anatomical examples of the relationship between structure and
Identify the layers, structures and functions of the integument
Identify the basic tissue layers creating a typical hollow organ