Ch 3 Tissues Gatrell's Questions GquestionsTissues

Anatomy Ch. 3 Gatrell Tissue Questions
1. What are the main functions of the epithelium?
2. Explain why tissues are given 2 names.
3. What are some special functions of the Simple Squamous Epithelium?
4. What are goblet cells, which cell types are they associated with?
5. What is the primary function of stratified tissues?
6. What is special about transitional epithelium? Which organs are associated with
these tissues?
7. What is a gland?
8. What is the difference between endocrine and exocrine glands?
9. What are the common characteristics of connective tissue?
10. What is “Matrix” and what are some functions of it?
11. Connective tissue varies quite a bit. List the main types and characteristics that
distinguish them from one another.
12. Which type of connective tissue is least vascular?
13. What is the main function of nervous tissue?
14. What are support cells for?
15. Outline the steps of tissue repair and wound healing.
16. What does amitotic mean?
17. What are some cellular events involved in aging?