Specific Tissues Types Review questions muscle tissue is found in

Specific Tissues Types Review questions
1) _____________________ muscle tissue is found in the walls of the stomach, uterus and arteries
2) What type of connective tissue acts as a storage depot for fat?
3) What type of epithelium tissue is the most common type and protects underlying tissues in areas
of abrasion? It is mainly found in the esophagus, mouth and outer portion of the skin.
4) What type of muscle tissue has visible intercalated disks and contains cylindrical cells with
branching ends?
5) __________________ __________________ is a type of connective tissue that has a structurally amorphous
matrix, is heavily invaded with fibers, and appears glassy and smooth. It is located in joints, nose
trachea, and embryonic skeletons.
6) What type of epithelial tissue is found in the bladder lining and is able to stretch from several
layers thick to a single layer thick?
7) What type of tissue has branching cells with extended parts who’s main function is to transmit
sensory information?
8) Fibrocartilage is very similar to hyline cartilage. It is like a cushion, absorbing compression shock.
Where is it located?
9) What type of connective tissue forms strong ropelike structures that connect muscles to bones?
10) _____________ muscle tissue is cylindrical, multinucleated and has obvious striations. It also controls
your eye movement.
11) _______________ _______________ epithelium is the simplest of epithelia with allows for a passage of
materials my diffusion and filtration. It is usually found in the air sacks of lungs, lining of heart,
blood vessels and lining of ventral body cavity.
12)Bone tissue is a type of connective tissue that has a hard calcified matrix, surrounded by layers of
calcium salts in addition to lots of collagen fibers. Bone cells sit in cavities called ___________________
13)Connective tissue is the most diverse and abundant type of tissue. It connects the tissues and organs of
the body, form the basis of the skeleton, store and carry nutrients, surround all blood vessels and nerves
of the body, and lead body's fight against infection. It also contains a nonliving substance found outside
the cells that separates cells and it is composed of ground substance and fibers. What is the non-living
substance called? (2 words)
14)Define the word vascular.
1) Smooth
2) Adipose CT
3) Stratified Squamous
4) Cardiac
5) Hyaline Cartilage
6) Transitional
7) Nerver
8) Fibrocartilage
9) Dense CT
10) Skeletal
11)Simple squamous
13)Extracellular Matrix
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