The Human Eye Lesson Study Guide

Expected Performance: (B.21)
Describe the structure and function of the
human eye.
Use the rubric to create an eye diagram. Be
sure to label and give the functions of each
term listed.
You are aloud to use your science textbook
and the computer to help you with this task.
We will view the remainder of the power point
to gain extra clarity on all the parts of the
We will take an eye assessment on the
computer to assess our understanding.
The transparent
front part of the eye
that covers the iris
and the pupil.
The cornea refracts
light and helps
focus on objects!
The iris is a ring of
muscle that
contracts and
expands to control
the size of the
Controls the
amount of light
reaching the retina
Colored part of the
An opening by which
light enters the
inside of the eye
Appears black
because most of the
light entering the eye
is absorbed by the
tissue inside the
The pupil gets wider
in the dark but
narrower in light.
A transparent
structure in the eye
used to refract light
to be focused on
the retina
The vitreous is the
gelatinous mass
that fills the space
between the lens of
the eye and the
retina lining the
back of the eye
The retina is a light
sensitive tissue
lining the inner
surface of the eye
The retina has two
kinds of cells that
detect light
◦ Rods
 Dim light
◦ Cones
 Red, Green, and Blue
Receives the signals
from the Retina’s
rods and cones
The optic nerve,
also called cranial
nerve II, transmits
visual information
from the retina to
the brain.
Go to the above cite and take the quiz using
the vocabulary supplied in the box
After you do the best you can, check your