Sight - artsideas2008

Sight: by Mason Grove
-Sight is the ability to interpret information from visible
- The lens of the eye focuses the image onto the light
sensitive membrane the back of the eye called the
- The retina is part of the brain that is isolated to convert
patterns of light into neuronal signals
- Those signals go to the primary and secondary visual
cortexes in the brain to get processed so you can see
the image.
- Reflected light of different colors has different
- Humans can visually perceive light with wavelengths
between 400 and 700 nanometers.
- We can see light with wavelengths around 555
nanometers the best.
- The sensors in the retina called rods are more sensitive
to weak light than the sensors called cones.
- The cones are more sensitive to strong light than the
- Rods are also more sensitive to motion while cones
are more sensitive to color.
- The size of your pupil changes in different strengths of