Cow/Sheep eye dissection Quiz

Cow/Sheep eye dissection Quiz
Match the term with its proper definition.
1. Blind Spot
2. Retina
3. Optic Nerve
4. Tapetum
5. Sclera
6. Vitreous Humor
7. Lens
8. Aqueous Humor
9. Iris
10. Pupil
11. Cornea
a. It is transparent and homes itself behind the Iris, it bends the light
rays as to make for a clear image at the Retina. The lense is flexible
allowing for movment to focus on object close and far away.
b. It is transparent and forms over the Pupil and Iris focusing light on
the Retina.
c. It is the little black hole in the middle of your iris.
d. This is the colorful part of the eye that goes around the pupil. It varies
in size to allow in different amounts of light. If you watch a cats eye's
you can see the change in size extemely well.
e. It is located at the back of the eye. It is light snesivtive. It is like the
film in a camera.
f. This is located at the center of the retina which enables us to see in
front of us effectively allowing us to complete functions like reading,
writing or enjoying color.
g. It is the white part of your eyeball. It frms the outer coating of the
h. This lines the eyelid and covers the exposed part of the sclera. It is
made of mucous.
i. This is a moist thin layer that covers and protects the frontal outer
j. It is clear jello like polymer that is on the inside of the eye located
between the lens and the retina.
k. A Break in the visual field
l. This transmits visual information from the retina to the vein
m. A layer of tissue in the eye of many vertabrae animalis that reflects
visible light back through the retina increasing light available to the
photo receptors.
n. A thick watery substance between the lens and the cornea. It
maintains intraocular pressure. It provides nutrition and carries
waste products away. It provides dioptic power to cornea.