Chapter 18 Key Terms: Oklahoma Land Rush Natives of the Great

Chapter 18 Key Terms:
Oklahoma Land Rush
Natives of the Great Plains
Reservation System
Buffalo Slaughter
Sand Creek massacre
Treaty of Fort Laramie
Nez Perce – Chief Joseph
Comstock Load pg 613
Gold Mountain pg 615
Western Labor movement pg 615
Caminetti Act
Mormon (LDS) settlements
United States v Reynolds 1879
Edmunds Act
Edmunds-Tucker Act
Las Cruces, New Mexico pg 618
Brownsville, Texas pg 618-619
Hispanic-American Alliance
The Open Range
Elizabeth Collins pg 620
The Sporting Life
The Great Desert
Homestead Ace of 1862
Populating the Plains
Work, Dawn to Dusk
The World’s Breadbasket
John Deere
Cyrus McCormick
Morrill Act of 1862
Producing for the Global Market
California Agribusiness
Toll on the Land
Timber Culture Act
National Reclamation Act
General Land Revision Act
The Forest Management Act
Rocky Mountain School pg 631
The Legendary Wild West
Frederic Remington pg 632
American Society 1877 pg 633
Omaha Act of 1882
Indian Education and Civilization pg
Helen Hunt Jackson
Women’s national Indian Association
Dawes Severality Act
The Ghost Dance
Wounded Knee Creek Massacre pg
Office of Indian Affairs
“Long Walk” pg 638