U.S. History Wednesday 11/4

U.S. History
Wednesday 11/4
How did the movement West change the relationships between varying
Do Now!
1. Chapter 5- Western
*Talk with your neighbor: what do you
Frontier jigsaw
KNOW about settlement in the West?
2. Read your section and
answer correlating questions
3. Find someone from each
group and discuss your
answers and fill in your chart!
4. Read rest of chapter as
5. Ch. 5 Quiz on Monday
Group 1- Native Americans in
the Great Plains
Life for Native Americans changed drastically during this
Group #2: Settlers
*Many hardships for the settlers!
*Homestead Act- gave 160 acres
to heads of households
*Competed for land with
speculators, railroads, state
government agents
Group #3: Populists
*Farmers in continual economic distress
*Prices falling for crops
*Farms mortgaged to buy more land
*Land becoming scarce
*Railroad- excessive prices for shipping and storage
Group #4: Cowboys
*Texas longhorns
*Rail usage
Group #1: Native Americans 202-top of 208
Group #2:Settlers 214-218
Group #3: Populists 219-223
Group #4:Cowboys: 208-211
Remember homework: Read
ch. 5 and quiz on Monday!
Jigsaw Protocol
1. Find 1 person from another group
2. 1 person discuss your section, then switch
a. During discussion: write down info from each other
b. Discuss other information in your section so you are
both experts of the whole chapter!
c. 6 minutes for each group, then find someone from
another group.
“To save the child we must kill the
U.S. History
Friday, 11/6
How do different groups experience Western Expansion?
Do Now!
1.The Native American experience
*Block Snack Reminder
Whites vs. Native American conflict
•1830: Indian Removal Act/Trail of Tears
•1851: Indian Territory (reservation)
Great Plains Indians
•1864: Sand Creek massacre
–“No peace ‘til Indians suffer more”
•1866: Fetterman massacre
–Red Cloud gets no response from gov’t
•1876: Little Bighorn* (Custer’s Last Stand)
•1890: Wounded Knee*
What is culture?
How does culture appear here?
Culture: the customs, arts, social institutions,
and achievements of a particular nation,
people, or other social group (Webster
*Assimilation at the Carlisle Indian Boarding