Leading through Change - Sacramento City College

Convocation Spring 2013
Sacramento City College
Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery
Governor’s 2013-14 Proposed Budget
 What the budget means for CCs
 Student Success at SCC
◦ Intentional Engagement
◦ Colleagues making a difference
A Decision-making Strategy
 Words of Wisdom
 Premiere of a production by City Films
No change in student fees.
$196.9 million (3.6%) for increased
apportionments, $179 million for deferral
buydown. ($197M)
$133.2 million in increased General $16.9 million
to provide increased access to matriculated
students through the use of technology.
Change the census-based apportionment
Limit state-supported instruction in community
colleges to 90 units. (Creates a cap for students
to receive state subsidized instruction; after 90
units student to pay “full cost”)
Require all students seeking a BOG Fee Waiver to
complete a Free Application for Federal Student
Aid (FAFSA). (Cal Grant-Dream Act application
option is being developed by the California
Student Aid Commission.)
Shift of the remaining adult education
program, including $300 million, from K-12
schools to community colleges. ($315.7 M)
Creation of a $450 million energy efficiency
Deliberate, planned encounter with the intent
of making a commitment that opens a
window of opportunity and expands a
student’s knowledge and understanding.
212 Degrees: the extra degree
“Sawubona” means “I see you”
and the response “Ngikhona”
means “I am here”.
Zulu greeting
Check prerequisites for your classes.
◦ Check the class schedule. If you have not met a
prerequisite for your class, you will need to do so before
taking the course.
If you are on a waitlist, attend the first class
◦ If you do not attend, you will lose the opportunity to add
the class.
Drop a class if you decide not to attend.
◦ Go to eServices to drop your class within the first two
weeks to avoid receiving a “W” grade on your transcripts.
Buy your books as soon as possible.
Seek tutoring early in the semester if you are
struggling in a class.
◦ Books and everything you need to keep up with coursework
are available at our College Store on campus.
◦ SCC has wonderful tutoring services if you need them.
Contact our Learning Skills and Tutoring Center at (916)
558-2258 for help.
Plan ahead to find a parking space on campus.
◦ Traffic can be heavy at the beginning of the semester. Get
your parking pass and come to campus early to make it to
class on time. Or, take advantage of the UTP and use
Regional Transit.
Electronic Health Records Benefits
Provides electronic access to medical history/chart
Reduces charting time
Enables health center Quality Improvement
Eliminates 'Lost' Records/Charts
Ensures Security & HIPAA Compliance
Adheres to Wellness Guidelines & Alerts
Enables trend analysis for your campus
Early Outbreak Warnings
Confidential communication
She Shares, the Dewey Square Group
◦ Spring 2012: Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye
◦ Tamara Knox and Samantha Suarez (Victoria
◦ Fall 2012: Jennifer Siebel Newsom, writer, producer
and director of Miss Representation
Shabrina Buksh (Victoria Henderson)
Jacklyn Macias (Sandy Ruedas)
Lacy Berry, Eugenia Canales & Anna Taylor (Ramona
Metti Etana (Kimberly Beyrer)
• Men of Color Institute, Fall 2012
 Phoenix, AZ
 Marquis Lawson (Tony Davis & Michael Poindexter)
• Sacramento Speakers Series: December 4, 2012
President William Jefferson Clinton
• Jeffrey Nakata, Phi Theta Kappa (Anna Joy, Sally Anne
Jackson, Nicholas Miller)
SCC Celebration of Excellence 2013
NISOD Excellence Awards 2012
Andy Divanyan
Diane Belair
Sarah Eyanson
Jan Lee
Dianne Heimer
Connie Zuercher
Decision-making Strategy
Consciously or not we tip people off as to
what our expectations are.
We exhibit thousands of cues, some as subtle
as the tilting of heads, raising of eye brows or
dilation of nostrils, but most are much more
And people pick up on those cues.
"There's a human capital out there
that we have not totally harnessed.
That may be part of what keeps me
going. It's like mining gold.
It's there, we need it, and
we can't afford to lose it."
 Premiere
of a City Films
production summarizing
budget activities at SCC!