Unit 6: Industry & Services

Unit 6: Industry & Services APHG
Course Goal:
Recognize and interpret at different scales the relationships among patterns and processes and
characterize and analyze changing interconnections among places.
A. Growth and Diffusion of the Industrial Revolution
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin and how did it diffuse?
How have the character and geography of industrial production changed?
How have service industries altered global economic activity?
B. Contemporary patterns and impacts of Industrialization and Development
How is development defined and measured?
How does geographical situation affect development?
What are the barriers to and the costs of economic development?
How do political and economic institutions influence uneven development?
Text Readings:
Human Geography: People, Place and Culture;
Chapter 10 (335-364) & Chapter 12 (403-431)
AP Human Geography: A Study Guide;
Unit 6 (162-192)
Performance Event
Students will conduct research about a specific company and evaluate its impact spatially and in
relation to globalization.
AP prep
Students will answer free responses questions and take a multiple choice test that covers AP
Human Geography content.