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5 Themes of Geography
1.) What is the absolute location of your house?
2.) What is the relative location of Lyons?
3.) What question do we ask ourselves when we study geography?
1.) To completely understand a place, we have to examine _______________________ and
________________________ characteristics.
2.) Some examples of physical characteristics are ______________________, _________________,
____________________________ and _______________________.
3.) Place is the ____________________________ of geography.
Human-Environment Interaction
1.) How does climate affect the food we eat?
2.) What is one way people change their landscape to satisfy their resources?
3.) Are the changes to their landscape all positive?
1.) Things such as ________________, _______________________, and
________________________ need an intricate system of movement to get from one place to
2.) What is a strong determinant of patterns of movement?
3.) What is an example of a pattern of movement in the Chicago area?
1.) Define regions.
2.) How are Tokyo and Detroit similar?
3.) Regions can change over time due to changes in ______________________,
_______________________ __________________________, and accessibility of ___________