Name: Date: Pd: ______ World Geography Unit One Study Guide

Name: _________________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Pd: ____________
World Geography
Unit One Study Guide
The test will have 36 questions and be worth a total of 72 points toward your World Geography grade
Know the states of the U.S., and the provinces of Canada.
corresponding to 15 states and 5 provinces.
You will be asked to find the letters
Multiple Choice:
Review the graphic organizer regarding freshwater and desalination.
Review the video guide from the Water Resources video we watched in class.
Review the United States Map Activity, in which you were asked to answer questions about political
maps, physical maps, and thematic maps, of the U.S.
Review the Chapter 5, Lesson 2 Human Geography of the U.S. question sheet.
Review the Chapter 6, Lesson 2 Human Geography of Canada question sheet.
**There will be questions pulled directly from these activities, so be sure you have the right information
to study. See me if you have questions. You are welcome to come in during lunch…just let me know, and
I will be here!
**If you would like to check out a textbook for the purpose of studying, see me to do so. You do not need
it, if you have all of the materials listed above.
Short Answer:
There will be two short-answer questions. They will ask you about how physical geography influences
the choices people make, and also about the factors that encourage immigration to the U.S. and Canada.