Syllabus and course introduction

Welcome to Geography 1900N:
Extreme Weather and Climate
Instructor: Jialin Lin
Associate Professor, Department of Geography
• Education
– Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences, SUNY at Stony
Brook, New York
– M.S., Nuclear Physics, Peking University, Beijing,
– B.S., Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
• Research Interest: Climate Dynamics and Climate
Modeling. I use satellite data and supercomputer
models to study global warming, El Nino, hurricanes,
wintertime blizzards, thunderstorms and clouds
TA & Instructor for Labs:
Jerry Zhu
Graduate student, Department of Geography
• Education
– B.S., Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University,
Nanjing, China
• Research Interest: Antarctic warming.
• Full class of 70 students
• 9% Freshman, 43% Sophomore, 22% Junior, 25%
• Very wide range of background: e.g. Agriculture,
Architecture, Art, Business, Communication,
Criminology, Economics, Education, Engineering,
Exploration Program, Geography, International
Studies, Linguistics, Mathematics, Political
Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work
A good college life: Skill, Knowledge, Vision
and Hobbies
Spiritual: Art, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion
Social: International, Politics, Law, Social Work, Education
Physical: Science/Engineering, Economy/Business, Health
• Please remember to get your lab manual
at university bookstore