The Giver

The Giver- Online Connections
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Play the blendspace slideshow and complete the activities for each slide. Create a google
presentation with one slide for each activity below.
_____1. My Perfect World
If you created a "perfect world" what would be the five most important things it could consist of?
List/Rank Them in order from MOST important to least important.
Freedom of Choice
Create a chart with things you do every day in your current life which fit into each category.
- I have NO choice
- I have SOME choice
- Totally MY choice
_____2. Argue whether the 24th century is a place you think is "better" than the 21st century.
_____3. Why does the world need a pep talk? Why would someone take the road less traveled
if it could hurt them?
_____4. Chapter 1: Identify qualities of communities in the video.
_____5. Chapter 1: What could you design to help improve this community?
_____6. Chapter 1: What difficulties does this community face, despite the happy looks on the
kids faces?
_____7. Chapter 1: Argue whether the world will really change if there are no more tigers or
_____8. Chapter 1: What is the message of this video regarding family dinners? What are your
family "rituals" for dinner?
_____9. Chapter 2: Decide if humans’ ultimate goal in life is to live in a utopian society.
_____10. Chapter 2: What advantages are there to "receiving" a child at the age of one? Does it
matter if the stuffed animal is an "imaginary one"?
_____11. Chapter 2: Describe how you would feel if your family was called up on stage in front
of the entire community to "receive" your new sibling.
_____12. Chapter 3/4: Justify why a community require volunteer hours for children.
_____13. Chapter 3/4: What is the relationship between volunteer hours and your
"assignment" in The Giver? Explain your opinion on this connection as well.
_____14. Chapter 5: This girl does not share her dreams, goes through her morning alone.
Compare and contrast your morning routine to Jonas's from the Giver.
_____15. Chapter 5: Jonas has a crush on a girl and that is not allowed. Bruno Mars sings "we
are amazing just the way we are." Explain if the feeling of love should be allowed.
_____16. Chapter 6/7: Describe what your life would be like if you did not have a car.
_____17. Chapter 6/7: What if Lincolnshire wanted to become more bicycle friendly? Describe
the changes, inventions, or shifts needed to be like Copenhagen.
_____18. Chapter 6/7: Many cultures, societies, and religions have a Coming of Age ceremony.
Why are there Coming of Age ceremonies? Why are they important?
_____19. Chapter 6/7: The Giver suggests that it is possible to calculate a perfect "match" in
your spouse. Critique this theory that love can be calculated.
_____20. Chapter 6/7: In the Giver, Asher did not speak for an entire year. Why is this important
in understanding the impact of the community on its people?
_____21. Chapter 8/9: Jonas is to be alone, apart from everyone as the Receiver. What
suggestions does this video offer for leaders?
_____22. Chapter 8/9: One of Jonas's rules is that he "Can Lie". After watching this video write
5 examples of when telling a lie might be good.
_____23. Chapter 10/11: Validate why it would be good to "spy" on someone. Why would we
see this behavior in the Giver's Utopia?
_____24. Chapter 10/11: Why is privacy important for the Giver? Why is privacy important in our
_____25. Chapter 10/11: What advantages and disadvantages are there to getting rid of snow
from the Giver's utopian society?
_____26. Chapter 10/11: This video suggests at the end that sledding can be passed down
through generations. Argue this idea.
_____27. Chapter 10/11: Weather can cause terrible damage. What could be done to minimize
the damage of a hurricane?
_____28. Chapter 12-13: Looks like FUN! The "happiest 5K on the planet". Argue whether color
should be part of our world or if it should be black & white like book.
_____29. Chapter 12-13: Why is choice important to ford? Why would it be important to drivers
buying a car? Why would it be important to our culture?
_____30. Chapter 12-13: Stephen Covey says "That you are a product/result of your choices."
Compare and contrast choices you face as a middle schooler with Jonas.
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