Ghana - jballpd4

a.How did humans interact
with the environment? How
did they adapt to the climate
of the region?
What goods were moved/
traded in the kingdom? With
which other places/ kingdoms/
regions did they trade?
C: In the sub-Saharan Africa as Islam provided
and contacts
How did
of goods,
A numberyour
of social,
and culture.
ideas influence
religious, and technological changes took into
effect. It influenced many of the different
people that lived throughout the continent also
in the realms of ancient Ghana.
l) (oct.15.2011)
The kingdom of Ghana had many resources like gold and water and
they gained salt from trading with other empires. As long as all the
citizens worked together, they lived a good, rich life. “The earliest of the
west African states to develop was Ghana.” During the time that Ghana
reigned, it developed greatly with kings and rulers such as Tunka Manin
(, October 11, 2011). The leader of all the leaders
was called the Ghana. He was the most important person in the
civilization because whatever he says goes. Also, he controlled the cities’
trade activities and he was the commander and chief of a highly
organized army. Whenever there was a conflict in the community, he
served as the judge in the court. He would hear both sides of the story
and give his judgment about the case. Unless it involved denying a debt
or shedding blood, the consequences were reportedly peaceful.
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