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Vocabulary Builder
West African Empires
Section 1
silent barter
Tunka Manin
Koumbi Saleh
DIRECTIONS On the line provided before each statement, write T if a
statement is true and F if a statement is false. If the statement is false,
write the correct term on the line after each sentence that makes the
sentence a true statement.
______ 1. Tunka Manin is a process in which people exchange goods without
contacting each other directly.
______ 2. The Almoravids were farmers who, when threatened by nomadic herders,
began to band together and eventually formed the empire of Ghana.
______ 3. The empire of Ghana reached its peak under Tunka Manin, who displayed
the wealth of his empire by adorning himself with gold and fine cotton.
______ 4. Ghana, an empire in West Africa, gained control of the valuable Saharan
trade routes and became a powerful state.
______ 5. The Soninke attacked Ghana in the 1060s and tried to force Ghana’s
leaders to convert to Islam.
______ 6. Ghana’s main city, Koumbi Saleh, was an oasis for travelers and had a
reputation as a great trading center.
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West African Empires