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The world recorded a global pandemic within the first quarter of 2020.The disease, Corona Virus Covid19) was first recorded in Wuhan, China and spread its tentacles towards countries. Great and small alike,
ravaging them and leaving behind unbelievable bodycount.As a country situated in the African Sub
Saharan region, Ghana had heard bits and pieces of this decimating force of nature. One would ask, was
Ghana prepared for Covid-19? What measures were in place to forestall thee the disease?
Unfortunately, the ugly truth surfaced in the month of March when the Ghana Health Service recorded
its first case. The latest update from the Ghana Health Service reports that about one hundred and
seventy thousand (170,000) cases have been recorded and one thousand, four hundred and fifty seven
deaths (1,457). In this write-up the following preventive measures are discussed;
Though these are trying times, let us take strength in the words of our Commander in Chief, His
Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo, “This too shall pass”. These simple yet effective way of the “new normal”;
practicing social distancing, Maintaining personal hygiene and last but not least, vaccination, are
weapons in our arsenal in the war against COVID-19.Though these are very trying times we must not
give in to despair and lose hope. The late Dr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary General to the UN addressed
an Assembly with these words, “We need to keep Hope alive and strive to do better. “The above listed
measures coupled with our weapon of Hope will make Corona virus a thing of the past.
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