Study Guide Chapter 13 Early African Civilization Section 1

Study Guide
Chapter 13 Early African Civilization
Section 1 Geography and Early Africa
1. Along what river did great civilizations develop in early West Africa?
2. Today salt is not nearly as valuable as gold. Why do you think salt was
important in West Africa?
3. How might West Africans have benefitted from living in extended families?
4. What are some West Africa’s major resources?
5. How did religion in West Africa reflect the importance of family?
Section 2: The Empire of Ghana
1. What is the silent barter?
2. What goods came from Ghana from the North?
3. How did the rulers of Ghana control trade?
4. Why did Ghana decline in AD 1000’s?
5. Who was Tuka Manin?
6. How did overgrazing help cause the fall of Ghana?
Section 3: Later Empires
1. Who was Sundiata?
2. What major river was important to the people of Mali? Why?
3. What effects did the rule of Mansa Musa have on the people of Mali and West
4. Who led the expansion of Songhai in the 1400’s?
5. How did Askia the Great’s support of education affect Timbuktu?
6. Why do you think Askia the Great’s tomb is still considered a sacred place?
7. What made Great Zimbabwe’s rulers wealthy and powerful?
8. What led to the decline of Great Zimbabwe?
Section 4: Historical and Artistic Traditions
1. What is an oral tradition? Why was this important in West Africa?
2. How did West African Musicians affect modern American music?
3. What different types of information did griots pass onto their listeners?
4. How might the information passed down in an oral history be different from a
written history?
5. What were two forms of visual art were important in West Africa.?