Job creation

Job creation 2017
Entrepreneurship development -NEIP $10m
One district one factory
One village one dam
Small business development
Stimulus package for distressed industries
Planting for food and jobs
Amount received $10m
Applications received 5,500 young entrepreneurs
500 will receive financial support which will employ a minimum of 12 persons
per enterprise giving a total of 6,000 employment
2. Planting for food and jobs
Anchored on five (5) strategic pillars
1. Provision of improved seeds
2. Fertilizers,
3. Dedicated extension services
4. Marketing
5. e-Agriculture
recruitment of 822 agriculture extension personnel
2018 budget- Nations Builders Corps (NBC)
1. Provide employment to unemployed graduates
2. Improved skills and employability
3. Improve public service delivery
4. Improve government revenue mobilization modules
Teach Ghana – Clean Ghana – Heal Ghana
Feed Ghana– Revenue Ghana
It promises to employ 100,000 graduates in 2018. 462 to every district.
2019 budget
Job creation
88,719 Ghanaians have been employed into critical sectors of agriculture, health and
100,000 young graduates have been employed under NABCO
200,000 skilled jobs will be provided in the key agricultural production and trading
centers including Wenchi, Temale and Sandema through the commodity exchange