12/1/15: Aggression and Pro

Psych 101 Supplemental Instruction
Aggression and Pro-Social Behavior: 12/1/15
Aggression is known to be multi-causal, explain what this means and give a
definition for aggression:
Give an example of each of the following types of aggression:
Indirect VerbalDirect RelationalIndirect PhysicalDirect PhysicalDirect VerbalWhat are the two possible explanations for evil that were discussed in class? Give a
short description for each
We have previously talked about the Social Learning Theory as a key part of
development, but how does this affect the development of aggressive behavior?
Explain what happened in the Stanford Prison Experiment. Why was the experiment
cut short? Was it an ethical experiment?
Psych 101 Supplemental Instruction
Define the following terms:
DeindividuationDehumanizationProsocial BehaviorsDrive Theory Model for Catharsis-
Match the following terms to their definition:
Frustration-Aggression Principle
The effect where we feel less responsible
for things in public situations and/or
there is a crowd present
Social Script
When individuals tend to feel they are
less susceptible to these messages than is
an average or typical person
Bystander Effect
The principle that frustration creates
anger, which can generate aggression
Culturally modeled guide for how to act
in various situations