Assignment: Aggression Name:

Assignment: Aggression
Historically many nations of the world actively sought out resources from outside their political
borders. Sometimes these tactics were aggressive and violent, particularly when nations were
denied the opportunity to trade for the goods they wanted. This aggressive stance made
countries, particularly European nations and then the United States, dominant and strong.
The history of aggression that was instilled from the beginning of our nation’s history protected
the United States’ people and culture and expanded our wealth and influence.
Today, many people take a Darwinist approach saying that we are in competition. The strong are
the most successful and it’s better to dominate then be on the bottom.
But there are others that feel that in this modern age, hostile actions are too destructive and that
we should seek better ways of interacting with other nations. What do you think?
Critically respond to the following: Does the early history of United States aggression have a
place in the world today?
1. Write a 2 – 3 paragraphs essay supporting one or the other side of the issue.
a. Please do not argue both sides. Select one side and defend your point of view.
b. You will be graded in part on factual support of your argument. It is therefore
important to give good supporting evidence.
c. However, be careful to give your own point of view, not just a bunch of copied
d. Consider the following as you develop your ideas:
i. Historically strong nations have survived longer
ii. Today there are more international organizations than ever promoting
diplomacy and non-aggressive action for resolution of conflict
iii. Resources for aggression are paid for by the citizens of the nation
iv. What is the importance national security vs civil liberties