Making the Peace Ch 11.4

Making the Peace
Ch 11.4
Wilson's Plan for Peace
Fourteen Points
– January 1918, Wilson issues a list of terms for
resolving this and other future wars.
 End to secret treaties
 Freedom of the Seas
 Large scale reduction of arms
 Self determination
 Creation of a “general association of nations”
Campaign to Victory
March 1918 Germans Launch a major
offensive pushing Allies back 40 miles (by
– Allies respond with their own counter attack
 drove Germans back across France & Belgium
 September- German generals inform Kaiser William
the war could not be won
Campaign to Victory
Uprisings explode across Germany
– Hungry city dwellers frustrated and angry
– November 1918 Kaiser William II steps down
 Flees in to exile in the Netherlands
New German Government sought for
ARMISTICE-an agreement to stop fighting
 November 11, 1918 WWI ends
The Costs of War
Post War Casualties
– Influenza had spread among the troops at the end of
the war
– Soldiers went home with the flu to their families and
– The loss of lives from the flu and the war and the
costs of rebuilding war-ravaged cities made some
countries and colonies vulnerable to revolt
Making the Peace
The Paris Peace Conference
– The Allies met in Paris to decide what the outcome of
the war would be for Europe.
– President Wilson wanted to advance his Fourteen
– British Prime Minister wanted to rebuild England on a
grand scale
– France’s leader wanted to see Germany punished
The Treaty of Versailles
– Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Versallies
In June 28, 1919, representative of the German Republic
ere forced to sign a treaty drawn up by the Allies with
the following conditions:
– Germany had to accept FULL Blame for causing the War. “War
guilt” clause.
– Loss of territory, 13% of its land & 10% of its population.
– France regained Alsace-Lorraine.
– Size of Germany’s military would be strictly limited.
– Many of its overseas colonies were given as mandates to Britain,
France & Japan.
– Germany had to pay reparations (coast for the war). $60 billion.
– Establishment of the League of Nations.
Paris Peace Conference