A Flawed Peace

A Flawed Peace
Chapter 13 Section 4 Notes
 World War I was _____________.
 Terms of _____________ had not yet been worked out.
 Delegates met at the _______________________________________ to discuss peace treaties.
 The _____________ powers struggled to solve their conflicting aims in various peace treaties.
The Allies Meet and Debate
 The _____________ hammered out the major decisions of the Paris Peace Conference.
–Woodrow _____________ (US)
–Georges _____________ (France)
–David Lloyd _____________ (Great Britain)
–Vittorio _____________ (Italy)
 Russia and Germany were not _____________.
Wilson’s Plan for Peace
 Before the war ended, Wilson drew up a series of peace _____________.
 First four points – end to _____________ treaties, freedom of the seas, free trade, and reduced national
armies and navies.
 5th goal – adjusted __________________________ with a fairness to the native people.
 6th – 13th points – specific suggestions for changing borders and ______________________.
–___________________________: Allowing people to decide for themselves under what
_____________ they wished to live.
 14th point – proposed a “general _____________ of nations” that would protect all states.
–Peacefully _____________ world conflicts.
The Versailles Treaty
 __________________________ didn’t want to agree to Wilson’s vision of peace.
–They wanted to make sure that Germany was stripped of its __________________________.
 The compromise – The __________________________.
–Signed between Germany and the Allies on June 28,1919
 Created a __________________________.
–An _______________________ association whose goal would be to keep peace among nations.
Versailles Treaty (cont.)
 Also _____________ Germany.
–Lost substantial _____________.
–Severe restrictions on _____________ operations.
–“______________________” clause – placed sole responsibility for the war on Germany’s shoulders.
–__________________________ to Allies.
 Money paid by a defeated nation to compensate for _____________ or injury during a war.
 All of _____________ territories were managed by the League of Nations.
 The war guilt clause left a bitterness and hatred in the hearts of _____________ people.
“A Peace Built on Quicksand”
 Treaty of Versailles did _____________ to build a lasting peace.
 U.S. was considered to be the _____________ nation in the world and rejected the treaty.
 Many _____________ objected to the settlement and to the League of Nations.
 Americans just wanted to stay out of European affairs (_____________).