The End of World War I I. The end of the fighting

The End of World War I
I. The end of the fighting - 1918
A. Last German offensive: March thru June 1918.
B. U.S. Troops helped the allies turn the tide.
C. Germany asked for peace in November 1918.
D. Armistice signed Nov. 11th - fighting over.
II. The Treaty of Versailles (in Ch. 11, Sect. 4)
A. Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points
1. No more secret treaties.
2. Freedom of the seas.
3. Self determination for each nationality. map
4. League of Nations.
B. Treaty was mostly to punish Germany
1. Had to pay reparations - $33 Billion
2. Had to accept total blame for the war.
3. Lost all colonies.
C. The U.S. Senate never ratified the Treaty of Versailles.
III. The new map of Europe (see page 400) (link)
1. Label your map of Europe in 1919
2. List the changes made to the map of Europe after World War I.
3. Read Chapter 11, Section 4
a. Why did the Allies reject Wilson’s plan for peace?
b. What were the weaknesses of the Treaty of Versailles?
c. Why did the U.S. Senate reject the Treaty of Versailles?
d. What was the end result of Wilson’s battle with the Senate?