World Civ Study Guide: World War I

World Civilizations
Unit 10: World War I (1914-1918)
Study Guide
1. The 4 M-A-I-N Causes of World War I? (407-408)
2. List 6 new weapons used for the first time during World War I. (413-414)
3. Who was the Austrian archduke whose assassination caused the war? (410) _________________
What was the name of the terrorist group that killed the archduke? __________________What was the name
of his assassin? __________________In what city did the assassination occur? (410) __________________
5. Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Serbia, and the United States were known as the ______________. (411)
6. Who were the members of the alliance known as the Central Powers? (412)
7. Who was the Kaiser of Germany during the war? (408) __________________
8. Describe trench warfare and “no man’s land”. (413)
9. This neutral nation’s invasion by Germany in August 1914 drew Great Britain into the war? B_____________
10. Briefly describe the Schlieffen Plan and tell why it failed. (412-413)
11. Where were the Eastern and Western Fronts located? (412-414)
12. How did the stalemate in Gallipoli impact the war on the Eastern Front? (417)
13. The sinking of this ship helped turn the United States in favor of the Allies in 1915? (418) _______________
14. Who was the president of the United States during the war? (418) __________________
15. What was the policy of the United States at the beginning of the war? (418)
16. What was the Zimmermann Note? (419)
17. In what year did the United States enter World War I? (419) _________
18. On what front did the United States military see action? (421) ______________
19. Why did Russia drop out of the war in 1918? (420)
20. Who was the communist leader of the Russian Revolution who helped form the Soviet Union? (420)
21. When was the armistice signed that ended the war? ____________ (421)
22. What battle in July 1918 was the turning point for the Allies on the Western Front? (421) _________________
23. What holiday do we observe in the United States today on the date above? _________________
24. Where did the Allies meet to draw up the peace treaty after the war? (424) _________________
25. What nations made up the “Big Four” of the Allies? (424)
26. What was President Wilson’s plan for peace called? (424) _______________________
27. The world-wide association of nations envisioned by President Wilson was called the __________________.
28. What was the “War Guilt Clause” favored by Britain and France and opposed by President Wilson? (425)
29. Who led the fight against the Versailles Treaty in the United States? _________________
30. Did the United States ever approve the Treaty of Versailles? (425) Yes or No
31. Define the following:
a. Stalemate –
b. Rationing –
c. Propaganda
d. Self Determination
e. Reparations –
Constructed Response Essay
A. Identify and Explain the 4 M-A-I-N Causes of World War I.
B. Discuss the series of events after the assassination of the archduke that led the nations of Europe to war in 1914.