A Flawed Peace: Sowing the Seeds for the Second War

“A Peace Built
on Quicksand”
+ The Major Players
Big Four
United States: Woodrow Wilson
France: Georges Clemenceau
Great Britain: David Lloyd George
Italy: Vittorio Orlando
Russia, Germany, or her allies not
+ Fourteen
 Woodrow Wilson’s
plan for peace
 Fourteen
Points –
outlined plan to
achieve lasting
Points 1-4: end to
secret treaties,
freedom of the seas,
free trade, and
reduced national
armies and navies
Fourteen Points
 Points
suggestions for
creating new nations
 Self-Determination
– allowing people to
decide gov’t for
 Point 14: proposed
League of Nations
Versailles Treaty
 Treaty
of Versailles
 Adopted
League of
Nations – association of
nations to keep peace
 Blamed Germany for war
 Lost territory
 Severe restrictions
 War-Guilt Clause –
placed sole
responsibility on
Germany and forced
them to pay reparations
+ Mandates
and New Nations
 Austro-Hungarian
broke up
 OE
gave up territory
 Allies
made lands in Middle
East into mandates –
countries under control of
the Allied powers until they
could “rule themselves”
 Winston Churchill helped
to draw most of these lines
+ “A Peace Built on Quicksand”
 Treaty
of Versailles did
little for a lasting peace
 Anger
Germans bitter b/c they
were blamed
African and Middle
Eastern people angry b/c
Allies disregarded
Some Allies were angry
 Japan and Italy did not
get land they wanted
+ Where is all this going?
While history is never…wait for it, new word...teleological – assuming
that everything is destined to happen in the way it happened – it is not
hard to see where all the anger could be going following the decision of
In short – it will lead to a war that is even more signficant for the course
of the world and the rise of people who we consider to be the biggest
monsters in the Western world