Mitosis Review Worksheet

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Mitosis Review Worksheet
1. Why are cells small rather than large?
2. Name two reasons that cells must divide.
3. What is the cell cycle?
4. What are the three parts of the cell cycle?
5. What happens during G1 of interphase?
6. What happens during S of interphase?
7. What happens during G2 of interphase?
8. List the four stages of mitosis in order.
9. What happens during prophase?
10. What happens during metaphase?
11. What happens during anaphase?
12. What happens during telophase?
13. What is cytokinesis?
Period: _____
14. Why does cytokinesis happen differently in plant and animal cells?
15. What is the result of mitosis? (What do you get at the end of mitosis?)
16. Explain the relationship between chromatin and chromosomes.
17. During which stage of the cell cycle (interphase, mitosis, or cytokinesis) are chromosomes
18. What are sister chromatids?
19. Identify whether each of the following cells is in prophase, metaphase, anaphase, or telophase.