Oct 31, 2012 - Office of the CIO

Site License Advisory Team
October 31, 2012 meeting
1. Brief Overview of OCIO Org Change affecting SLS
2. Acrobat XI & Adobe Codes
3. New Microsoft Software
MS Office 2013 – SkyDrive and Other Strange Things
MS Exchange 2013
System Center Endpoint Protection for Mac
4. Microsoft Campus Agreement Negotiations
5. Software Renewals
PGP and Safeboot
6. TurnItIn
OCIO Org Change
• Site Licensing no longer reports through
OCIO Customer Experience
– We are now part of OCIO Quality and Process
– New OCIO director: Gene Rogers
• SLS has been through OCIO Service Design
– We better understand our processes, how they
work, and how long they take
– This should speed up resolution times for
incidents and requests arrive at the IT Service
Acrobat XI & Adobe Codes
• Acrobat XI was released last week
– Software is currently in testing
– Expected release on Self Service early next week
– Upgrades are fully covered under our ELA: install
it on as many OSU-owned machines as you like
• (but report them, please)
• New codes for all Adobe Products on CLP
updated as of last week: available to SLSC’s
through Self Service (http://go.osu.edu/it)
Microsoft Office 2013
• Software became available Monday, currently in
testing. There are some odd things:
– SkyDrive is installed by default: OSU is not
institutionally licensed for this product
– 32-bit/64-bit decision is different than usual
• Even on 64-bit machines, MS recommends the 32-bit
– See http://technet.microsoft.com/library/ee681792(v=office.15) and
http://officepreview.microsoft.com/en-us/support/choose-the-32-bitor-64-bit-version-of-office-HA102840825.aspx for more detail
• You must uninstall previous versions of Office to install this
version (a technical requirement, not a license requirement) if
the architecture differs
– KMS cannot be updated until after Nov. 9, so
distribution to SLSC’s will occur after that
New Microsoft Products and
Information on Licenses
• Exchange 2013 became available on
Monday, currently in testing.
• System Center Endpoint Protection for Macs
is available on Self Service
• SCCM for Mac (SCCM 2012 SP1) is not yet
available, but we’re watching for it
• Guests do not require CAL’s, per Microsoft’s
response to ASC’s question last month
Microsoft Campus Agreement
• In process on renewal: agreement expires
• Major topics of discussion with MS:
– Virtualization rights for students and staff
– Perpetual rights for student/personal use of
Windows OS
– Mobile devices, including Office for iPad
– SkyDrive and cloud storage
– Simplification of contract process, potentially new
reseller options
Microsoft Campus Agreement
• Current discussions center around two things:
– An option that looks very much like Buckeye
Bundle 2
– An option of Office 365 Plan A3
• Both plans solve virtualization issues, and
some multiple device issues, and kick some
of the bad items from BB2
• Both include student use of a variety of
– What do we need on the Fac/Staff side to improve
our license?
SAS Renewal
• Expect a small price increase ($2-3/copy on
workstations; servers remain the same)
• SAS Business Intelligence
– Some departments are interested in this software
– SAS BI includes SAS Office Analytics
• Student use of SAS now available
– Free for students on personal machines
– Grad students may also request this, if using on
personally-owned machines (not free for OSU-owned
• Codes expected shortly (pending SAS receipt of
our check)
Other Upcoming Renewals
• Sigmaplot
– Codes expire in December
– Codes now available via Self Service
(http://go.osu.edu/it), renewal cost $16/copy
• Codes expire weird: you must wait until the software is fully
expired (around Dec. 4) to replace the license code
– In process on renewal, likely to add Genomics to sitewide license (use in Children’s Hospital)
– Software expires Nov. 30, runs until March 30
• Maple
– Expires in mid-December, preparing for renewal now
• McAfee has increased the price originally
– OCIO SLS is discussing with OSUWMC the
direction they wish to take
– OSUWMC is preparing to potentially increase
deployment, which means fewer licenses will be
available for the University
• Discussion: who still runs McAfee, how
many machines, and can we move off it as a
University now that we have other options?
PGP and Safeboot
• OCIO Security is reviewing current
Endpoint Encryption products, including
PGP and Safeboot
– Both contracts expire in June 2013
• PGP is a subscription license, Safeboot is a
perpetual license
– Support costs on both products are expected
to skyrocket at the close of the terms
• OCIO Security will be putting together a
team to review these products
• OCIO SLS has received a query regarding
this software and is examining it for
campus-wide implementation
– Who uses it?
– What is your spend?
– Is anyone using a different product for
plagiarism detection?
– What is the value of this product versus other
similar products?