Pearls and Perils of the O-CIO Model Overview

Webinar: Pearls and Perils of the O-CIO Model
Thursday, October 3, 2013 – 10:30-11:00 am CT
Nonprofits want to make a difference, and FIA can help. Our Foundation and Institutional Advisors (FIA)
are committed to serving nonprofit organizations through sound investment management solutions to
help them achieve their philanthropic and financial goals.
Overview & Guest Speakers
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If an institution decides to hire an Outsource CIO
(OCIO) provider, they face the important task of
selecting and monitoring the right OCIO
provider. Ronald N. Klotter, CFA will discuss
important criteria used to evaluate providers,
and also will offer some general comments
regarding the current status of the young but
growing OCIO industry.
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Ronald N. Klotter of R.V. Kuhns & Associates has
extensive experience working with a wide range
of clients, including endowments and
foundations, corporations and public entities.
Ron has conducted extensive research on
several key topics in the investment consulting
industry, including endowment spending policy,
total active risk analysis and policy structure.
Guest Speakers:
Host: James C. Bridgman
National Director - FIA
Allows organization to focus on primary mission
More efficient use of organization’s resources
Professional Investment Management
Timely investment decision making
Effective governance
Manager contract and free negotiation
Outsourced CIO
Ronald N. Klotter
Senior Consultant
Under an OCIO model, a financial advisor works with
your board of directors and investment committee
to set an Investment policy. Within these predetermined parameters, the financial advisor makes
investment strategy recommendations and facilitates
manager selection, asset allocation and portfolio
construction, as well as risk management,
administrative services and comprehensive reporting
on your behalf.
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