Oct 31, 2013 - Office of the CIO


Site License Advisory Team

Oct. 31, 2013 meeting


1. Microsoft Office 365 for Students 2. Microsoft SQL Server 3. Microsoft Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2 4. Renewals: 1. SAS 2. JMP 3. SigmaPlot 5. Corel MHEC Award 6. NVivo Mac Beta 7. Adobe and Gartner 8. Insight Experiences 9. Questions?

Office 365 for Students

• Starting December 1 st Office 365 subscriptions are free to all college students at institutions where faculty/staff are licensed for Office.

• Obviously this includes OSU.

• Package on offer is basically the good part of the A3 offering.

Office 365 for Students

• Offering allows students to install five desktop copies and five mobile copies of Office locally. • License is subscription, not perpetual • OSU has to put some infrastructure in place to support this.

• This is not secret but university-wide communication plan is still in progress.

Office 365 for Students

• WiredOut has been selling perpetual Office licenses to students for $50.

• They paid in advance for them.

• Some IUC schools actually purchased A3 rights for students.

Office 365 for Students

Office 365 for Students

• Discussion with Microsoft on Tuesday was very candid regarding these changes. Microsoft indicated in that call that we would see something (not a refund) to account for the change.

• OCIO will have representatives at the IUC meeting Nov. 1 to understand what Microsoft will offer.

Microsoft SQL Server

• Discussions about this with Microsoft recently picked up and took a pretty attractive turn.

• Still some details to iron out and no promises yet.

Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2

• You can’t just download Windows 8.1 Enterprise like you can with Win8.1 Pro • We haven’t made it available through Self Service yet, but very soon • Holdup was a result of underestimating demand and some shaky documentation on Microsoft • Microsoft also reeled the update back in for 48 hours after launch

System Center 2012 R2

• Working on rolling this out as well – SCEP R2 for Mac currently live for testing • You can upgrade from SCEP 2012 without uninstalling – SCEP R2 for Linux and Mac due up next • OCIO will remove SCCM SP1 from download and replace it with R2 – Windows 8 and Server 2012 will also be replaced by 8.1 and 2012 R2 – SCCM SP1, 8, and 2012 will remain available by request, just not through Self Service

Completed Renewals

• SAS – Renewals began 9/1 with new codes (already received; current codes warn on 9/30, hard fail 12/31/13 • Renewing SAS 9.1.3, SAS 9.2, SAS 9.3, and SAS 9.4

• SAS 9.4 is in testing (64-bit only) – Distribution Update • OCIO is intending to provide the software on a USB key to individuals having difficulty with the download via the Buckeye Bar

Upcoming Renewals

• JMP – Expiration: Nov. 30 – Warnings start: Jan. 15 – Codes Hard Fail: March 1 • SigmaPlot – Codes Fail: approx. Dec. 4 – PO in progress.

• Maple – Expiration Dec. 17 (no codes to replace)


• • • • •

Secunia 7

– Update scheduled for Mid November

xWin 2012

– Update in concert with Engineering, scheduled for Mid-November

JMP 11

– Update scheduled to coincide with new codes (expected Mid-December)


– Update scheduled for Mid December

SAS 9.4

– Pending receipt of USB duplicator

NVivo Macintosh Beta

• Directly from their press release: – “Everyone will be able to download the NVivo for Mac public beta software and use it at no cost from March 2014 until June 2014 .” – “An official release of NVivo for Mac will then be available in June 2014. All NVivo site licenses that are current at the time that NVivo for Mac is released will be able to access NVivo for Mac at no extra cost providing total usage of NVivo doesn’t exceed the site license agreement.”

Corel MHEC Award

• Very attractive offer from Corel for their Creative suite was accepted by MHEC.

– If we buy enough we can put it in the hands of students cheaply ($15/copy for a perpetual license) – University-wide deployment would be approx. $175k ($50k ongoing maintenance) with take home media, all licenses perpetual • Cf. Adobe: $500k every year, no perpetual licenses or home use

Gartner and Adobe

• Basically reiterated that Adobe is committed to current pricing model.

• Other enterprise customers have raised objections too.

Insight as Microsoft Reseller

• What’s everyone’s sense of how this is going?


• Next meeting November 29, 2013, 10 AM, 580Baker Systems – There is no December meeting, but by January we will no longer have use of BSE 580. Does anyone have a room we can use?

Amelia Ann and Leo Colin Dangler