Chapter 12 Study Guide

Chapter 12
Study Guide
Who became President after Lincoln
was assassinated?
14th Amendment:
Everyone born
in the US is a
citizen and
entitled to equal
protection of
their civil rights.
15th Amendment
Guaranteed African
American men the
right to vote
What was the name for the laws that
discriminated against African Americans?
Black Codes
What was tenant farming?
System in which
farmers paid cash rent
What group targeted and terrorized African
Americans during Reconstruction?
Ku Klux Klan
Who were the Radical Republicans?
What did they support?
Supported harsh
punishment for
and full citizenship for
African Americans
Who was elected President after a
dispute over vote counts?
Define Reconstruction
Period in which the
Union tried to readmit
the southern states
Why was a plan needed for the
Reconstruction of the South?
The Constitution
provided no guidance
on secession or
readmission of
What was President Lincoln’s plan for
He wanted to reunite
the country.
What Radical Republican policy was
President Lincoln in support of?
Formation of the Freedmen’s Bureau
How did Congress try to limit the
President’s power?
Tenure of Office Act
Which group of people saw a significant
increase of voting in the South during
African-American Men
Whose idea was it to take over large plantations
and give them out to freedman?
William Sherman
What did the Supreme Court rule in
the Slaughterhouse Cases?
The states had the
power to define their
citizens’ rights
List at least two successes of
Reconstruction in the South.
Improved Education
for everybody.
Improved railroads.
Reunited black
List two failures of Reconstruction of
the South.
Violence and racism
by the KKK.
Black Codes and
Jim Crow laws still
limit the freedom of
No changes for