Civil War Newspaper Template

“All the news &
pictures too!
Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
The __________________ Times
Today’s Date ___________________
Late Breaking
Priceless $
Exclusive Story Told Here for the Very First Time!
Draw a picture or paste a photo about the story on the right
then write a caption for the picture in the area below.
Meet My Hero
Write a mini-article about someone you found interesting
during this time period. (Frederick Douglass, Abraham
Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Harriet Tubman, Robert E. Lee,
William Still, etc…) Describe who they are, where they are
from, political party, voting record; what they
Write a news story about an important event discussed in Ch. 2. (Example:
Underground Railraod, Manifest Desitny, Civil War. Be sure to include a subheading, and to describe who, what, when, where, why and how.
Editorial – “The Opinion”
Write an opinion about the Missouri Compromise, Fugitive Slave Act, Emancipation
Proclamation, 13th or 14th Amendment. While stating your opinion – back up your
response with facts.
Subheading: ____________________
Include a picture of your
Create an advertisement to join or a
political party/become an activist or
support a political candidate.
Detail Lincoln and Johnson’s plan for
Reconstruction and rebuilding the United
States following the Civil War.
”Toon Time”
Select a political cartoon from the antebellum era and explain its meaning, purpose and intended audience.