Name______________________ ... Daily Life During Reconstruction

Daily Life During Reconstruction
Chapter 18 – At a Glance
Answer the following questions after reading Chapter 18- Section 1
1. What were the years of Reconstruction?___________________________
2. (Complete the quote)In his Second Inaugural Address, Lincoln promised to
reunify the nation with
“Malice(harm) toward none _______________________________________”
How did the Freedmen’s Bureau help the newly freed African Americans?
(Make a list)
4. Who became President after Lincoln was killed? ____________________
5. What did the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 do to the South?
6. What did the Reconstruction Acts demand the South do before being admitted
back to the Union?
7. What did the Tenure of Office Act say the President could not do?
8. What did President Johnson do a few months later? _____________________
9. Johnson was impeached. How many votes was he acquitted (not guilty) by?
Chapter 18- Sec 2- Reconstruction and Daily Life
1. African Americans first reaction to freedom was to ____________________.
2. Where would they go? Give possibilities.
3. ________________________were set up to educate newly freed African Americans.
4. Without property most African Americans returned to work on the ______________.
5. Describe Sherman’s plan- 40 Acres and a Mule.
6. How was the contract system better than slavery? What were the drawbacks?
7. Describe Sharecropping.
8. The goal of the __________________was to restore Democratic Control and keep
former slaves powerless.
9. What were some of the ways they accomplished this?
Chapter 18 – Sec 3 End of Reconstruction
1. What happened during the Grant Administration that weakened the Republicans?
2. What happened in the 1876 Supreme Court Cases- U.S. v. Cruikshank and U.S. v.
Reese? What did Southern States impose to restrict the vote?
3. What was agreed to in the Compromise of 1877?
4. The Legacy of Reconstruction – Did anything really change? (Your Opinion)