Congressional reconstruction and presidential

Congressional reconstruction and
presidential reconstruction
By: Maria Duarte & Kelsey pitts
Lincolns plan
• Offered plan to accept southern states back into the
• December 1863 10% plan
• When 10% of the voters of the state took an oath of
loyalty to the union
• States could form a new government
• Adopt new constitution to band slavery
• Lincoln wanted southerners who supported the union to
take charge of state government
• Lincoln believe that punishing the south had no purpose
• Lincoln supported the right to vote for African Americans
More of lincolns plan
• Lincoln would not force southern states to
give rights held by white Americans to
African Americans
• Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee establish
government under Lincolns plan
Arrival plan
• Believed that congress not the president
should control reconstruction policy
• Republican favor a tougher and more
radical or extreme approach to
reconstruction they where called radical
• Leader Thaddeus Stevens
• Congress created new plan