Managing Stress & Wellness

Managing Stress
& Wellness
 How would you define stress?
 Write down 10 people, places or things that cause you
stress/stress you out?
What is stress?
 Stress: The rate of wear and tear within the body
 Stress: The anxious or threatening feeling that comes
when we interpret or appraise a situation as being
more than we can handle
 Stressor: Anything that causes
 They can range from everyday
annoyances to serious personal
 They might also affect different
people in different ways
 Eustress: Positive stress
 It can make your life more pleasurable
 It can help you reach your goals and motivate you to do
your best
 Distress: negative stress
 It can have unhealthy physical effects (upset stomach,
losing sleep)
 It has emotional effects on mood, etc.
 You can’t avoid distress but you can manage it
Ways to manage stress
 Follow a healthy lifestyle
 Problems are always easier to deal with if you feel well
 Keep a positive outlook
 Be physically active
 Manage your time
 Avoid distractions
Ways to manage stress
 Know how and when to relax
 Reduces stress by slowing your heart rate and making
you feel less tense
 Try this:
 Relax your muscles
 Slow your breathing
 Get enough sleep
 Optional: Read Becoming Aware, page 370, tips for
managing stress
Type A/Type B Survey
 Number your paper 1-47
 Turn to page 389 take the personality survey
 Total all your numbers to identify your final score. Write
that down on your paper.
 Less than 120 pts=Type B
 More than 120 pts=Type A
 Turn to page 358-360 and read about the difference
between types and draw and fill in the Venn Diagram
on the other side of your paper. Include the definition
and examples of teach type.
Type A
 Strives on stress!
 Ignores fatigue
 Competitive
 Eats, walks, talks fast
 Aggressive
 Ambitious
 Stressful and fast-paced
 Perfectionist
 Clock-watcher
 Trouble relaxing
Type B
 More relaxed
 Serious but easy-going
 Patient and relaxed
 Not easily irritated
 Less competitive
 Avoids stress
 Speaks, eats, walks slowly
 Prefers peaceful, steady,
quiet lifestyle
Discussion questions
 What if two type A personalities were married? What
might their relationship be like?
 What if two type B personalities were married? What
might their relationship be like?
 What if one person is type A, one is type B?
 Which type would be better fit to be a teacher?
President of a bank?
 When might you need to be more of a type A
 When might you need to be more of a type B
More discussion
 Did the results of this survey make you realize any type
A behavior patterns in your personality?
 What are some dangers of type A personality?
 Is it possible to change from type A to type B? How?
 Would you want to change your behavior patterns if
you could?
Teens and Stress Video
 How stress affects our health