I took the quiz and

I took the quiz and my result came out with the Fair and Balanced Teacher Personality. I agree
with the results that I am usually fair when it comes to decisions or other things. I think its a
good personality to be because you want to be fair to students and not show favoritism toward
students, I am hoping that I can strive to have that personality when I begin teaching.
I agree with pretty much everything the author says in his paper. One thing
in particular I agree with is having students do an activity right after
announcements or when the bell rings so that the classroom doesn't get out
of hand. Creating something thats a daily routine so students know what is
expected of them after they get settled in the classroom. I also liked how
the author mentioned that teachers need to be clear from the beginning and
explain rules and expectations so students are not confused about what they
need to accomplish to be successful. Teachers I had growing up some of
them were not clear which made students get out of hand with behavior as
well as confusion with assignments. The one thing that stuck with me that I
could not agree more with is making learning a fun but rewarding
experience. To create activities along with enthusiasm from the teacher will
go along way with students.