Project ME!!
Curriculum time today and one other day this quarter will be spent in self discovery. We will
each explore our own personality through personality tests that are available on the internet. Do
not place an undue importance on the results of these tests – they may reveal truths about
you, but they can just as easily miss the mark completely!!
Directions: Go to each of the websites listed below. Take the personality inventory and print
out your results. The printed results will be your curriculum grade for today. Once you have
received credit for the printed reports, compare and analyze the reports to see if there are any
patterns, discrepancies, or revelations about your personality. You will use this information as a
part of your final exam paper about your leadership style. (See quarterly paperwork packet for
specs on the final exam paper.)
If you discover any other fun personality inventories that you would like to share with the class,
please feel free.